Saturday, March 31, 2007

divorced dating vs. widowed dating

as i have mentioned before c. is divorced. and sometimes i notice how different his mindset is compared to mine....

divorced: she might cheat on me
widowed: he might die on me

divorced: when is it going to fail
widowed: when will he get sick

divorced: 6 out of 10 marriages will fail
widowed: everyone dies

divorced: im scared of screwing up
widowed: im scared of losing him

divorced: i need to protect my heart
widowed: i need to protect my heart

in the grand scheme things are great with c. it's just that sometimes we are on completely different pages. tonight was one of those nights. but we will be fine. we just need to find a middle ground and remember what we have in common- that we are both scared but also both excited at the possibilities.


amanda said...

Hey there, I've been reading here for a while and was wondering if I might be able to repost part of this post, with attribution to your blog.

The "widowed" statements crystallize what is going on in my head every time someone asks me when I'll start dating again.


kyle said...

Hi Amanda
Of course you can. Thanks for asking. Sorry that you have to go through this as well!

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