Monday, April 09, 2007

ok so I think i have lost a few brain cells this weekend.

First of all I read a book all about planning weddings. No I am not planning my own. Just something I have always been interested in. So in the book it talks about the and how the people on there are known as knotties. they have their planning ideas in their online bios. So after reading about them I decided to check some of them out. and I got scared...very scared. There are people that want to color coordinate their drinkns to their bridesmaid colors to their aisle runners. I also got addicted. I kept clicking and clicking and reading and looking at these fabulous weddings and at these unbelivable dresses. What I can tell you in wedding trends. A lot of people seem to like pink and brown. A lot of people in Boston don't have nice things to say about the state room. The biggest nightmare is not that your marriage will fail but that the bridesmaids shoes won't mix well with the decor.

so if that wasn't enough of a loss of brain cells ... yesterday i got sucked into a marathon of america's next top model on mtv. I don't watch much reality tv. mainly the shows on bravo, top chef and project runway, and i watch idol, but somehow i have now been sucked in by tyra banks. first of all the woman is beyond gorgeous. secondly i truly think she really does care about the girls on the show. and these girls are very pretty. utterly gorgeous. i also like the fact that she had a plus size girl go pretty far in the season that i watched. maybe it's not all that bad after all

so if you have time and feel the need to be mindless catch the next episode and check out some of the women on the knot. it's pretty entertaining.

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Stephanie said...

I actually signed up on the knot when I was planning my wedding in 2003. I agree that it is CRAZY what some of those gals want in a wedding.

I don't watch Top Model regularly, but occassionally I will run across an episode and give it a spin. It's a decent show.